About Us

About Us
We connect social innovators anywhere in the world working on Africa focused projects to a vibrant support community of key innovation ecosystem stakeholders.
Our Approach

Our approach leverages a strong global network of partnerships in supporting our members build sustainable innovations in addressing the biggest social challenges of our time.  

Through our global network of partnerships, this network uses an interconnectivity and interdependence approach in addressing the issues of fragmentation in the Africa innovation ecosystem.


These activities facilitate continuous interactions and engagement amongst all members of our network across different stakeholder groups with the aim of facilitating networking, introductions as well as cross fertilization of insights and ideas.


A rich dialogue based collaborative knowledge-sharing and learning forum addressing major issues affecting social innovators and entrepreneurs at different stages. It attracts innovators and experts from around the globe.


The Africa Social Innovators Masterclasses are an immersive online experience that offers access to experts providing practical and technical insights on key thematic areas of focus


Our biggest gathering attracting a stellar cast of speakers, experts and accomplished innovators. It is often capped with a showcase exhibiting the  work of our members who can then attract partnerships and investments .

Specific Stage Activities

These activities leverage our global network of partnerships to provide support for members at the idea and early development stage as well as the early growth stages. They include access to Mentoring, Incubation Programs, Educational Courses, Advisory and Coaching Services, Publicity, Facilitated Business Introductions and other professional support services.  We provide this for two main categories of social innovators.